The Lebanese in America

Southern Cultural Heritage Center
1302 Adams Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi
February 10 – March 3, 2017

Exhibit Description

The Lebanese in America is a powerful, concise narrative of Lebanese migration to America.

This exhibit illuminates the role of Lebanese-Americans in creating modern America, and shows that these immigrants came to the United States for similar reasons as other immigrant groups: economic opportunity, and a better life for themselves and their children.

Lebanese immigrants greatly enriched American life by bringing the cultural traditions of their homeland to this country, and by contributing to the economic, social and political development of America. Along the way, they forged a new Lebanese-American identity that has had important consequences for both Lebanon and the United States. Complicated, diverse, and at times controversial, the history of Lebanese immigration engages an important national debate about the role of immigration in building America.

You can read a more detailed prospectus here.

You can also view a short online version of the exhibit here.



The Southern Cultural Heritage Center, Vicksburg, MS.
February 10 - March 3, 2017

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