The Lebanese in Unexpected Places

We are looking for stories of Lebanese emigrants who settled in unexpected places!

Lebanese emigrants have followed their dreams (and escaped some hard realities) throughout the world. Stories of ​their travels to New York, Dearborn, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Sydney, Johannesburg and other major cities have been recorded and retold often. Yet, there are so many other places in our world where the Lebanese have settled and built homes, and lives, of which we know very little.

So, write and tell us these stories! Tell us about the unexpected places that you or your ancestors have lived in. Recount the unusual journeys that you, or they, have taken. Your stories will help bring to light tales of chance encounters, courageous journeys, and unexpected locations where the Lebanese have come to be. Each story is important – remember, what you may consider common place, may be very unexpected indeed!

Every month we will select one of these stories and publish it on our website. The person who submits the story selected will receive a complimentary copy of the documentary Cedars in the Pines: The Lebanese in North Carolina. Even if your story is not selected to be published, it is still very important to us! Your story will be archived in a collection at the Khayrallah Center and will help us construct the rich history of the Lebanese people.

Winners will be selected based upon attention to detail and unique content

Thank you for sharing your history with us!