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Khayrallah Prize

About the Award

The Khayrallah Prize recognizes the best artistic expressions of Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora. Whether in visual art, written work, performance or electronic medium, the Khayrallah Prize identifies, awards and publicly honors those whose original work focuses on any aspect of life in Lebanon, or among Lebanese immigrants, whether in the past or present.

2023 Contest Open

The Khayrallah Center is now processing applications for its 2023 Khayrallah Prize competition. This year we accepted submissions for two categories: Audio-visual and Written work. The audio-visual medium may include performance, film, painting, photography, etc. The written medium may include anything from novels to poetry and other forms of literature.

The Khayrallah Prize will identify, award, and publicly honor those whose original work focuses on any aspect of life in Lebanon or among Lebanese immigrants, whether in the past or present. The winner for both categories will receive a monetary prize of $5,000 each and will be invited to receive the prize at a public ceremony with a presentation of their winning contribution.

How to Apply

  • Only one work per entrant may be submitted, and not a body of work. Thus, one film, one book, one painting, etc. rather than multiples of works.
  • All entrants need to submit a typed, single-spaced biographical sketch. This typed narrative should not exceed ONE (1) page in length. This needs to be in English.
  • In addition, all entrants must submit a typed, double-spaced narrative (in English) that describes their artwork and how they think it expresses the Lebanese diasporic experience. This statement should not exceed THREE (3) pages in length. Submissions without a statement will not be judged. Both the biography and work description are to be emailed to: with Khayrallah Prize in the subject line.
  • The language of written works and audio-visual entries may be Arabic, English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • If you are submitting a published book then please send a PDF electronic copy with your completed application;
  • If you are entering artwork into the competition, then attach your work in digitized format. Make sure original photographs, sculptures, paintings, etc. are available in the event the selection team chooses to view them.
  • If you are entering an audio or visual production (film, documentary, music composition, etc.) for the Khayrallah Prize then please send a digital link to the screener or recording.
  • Email all entries to: with Khayrallah Prize in the subject line

Application Deadline

The submission period opens in May 2023 and the deadline for receiving all applications is September 29, 2023.

Questions and queries may be sent to

Previous Winners