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Visiting Scholar Grants

Visiting Scholar Grants provide funding for researchers working on early Arab diaspora and migration to work at the Khayrallah Center for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Researchers will have access to resources available at the Khayrallah Center’s archive. For more information about the contents of our archive, please review the Khayrallah Center Archive Collection Guide.


Grants will cover travel expenses to North Carolina State University (where the collections are housed) and up to two weeks of lodging. Visiting scholars will be provided with a dedicated work space and individual computer. Each grant recipient will also have access to the collection’s chief archivist and director.


Scholars and graduate students may apply. Unaffiliated artists who would like to use the center’s archive for research on their projects are also eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted from US citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals who have valid visas to the US.

Grant Announcement

Grant recipients and their research projects will be highlighted on the Khayrallah Center’s website and its social media and newsletter.

Scholar’s Blog

Each scholar is required to write a blog post of approximately 500 – 800 words to appear on the Center’s website about her or his project within 30 days of the end of the award period. 


A complete application consists of three parts: title page, project proposal (including a 2-page CV) and a professional letter of recommendation.

  1. TITLE PAGE: Your title page with the following information:
    1. Title (Mr., Ms. Dr., Professor, etc.)
    2. Name (First and Last Name)
    3. Phone Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Institutional Affiliation (if a university then please include department)
    6. Project Title
    7. Length of Fellowship requested (1 or 2 weeks)
    8. Type of publication for which you are conducting research:
      1. Book
      2. Article
      3. Thesis/Dissertation
      4. Other: ___________________
  2. PROJECT PROPOSAL: The project proposal should include a description of the research project and its anticipated contributions to the field of migration studies. Successful applicants should specify which offline collections are of interest and demonstrate how these materials at the Khayrallah Center’s archive will benefit their research. Together, the proposal and CV should not exceed five (5) pages.
  3. Professional letter of recommendation.
  4. Submit all other application materials electronically in a single PDF file to Dr. Akram Khater


  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with no deadline.
  •  Residency dates will be coordinated with the center director. Please keep in mind that the archives may not be accessible during US national holidays and academic recesses.


For more information about the application, please direct questions to Dr. Akram Khater, 919.515.5042

For more information about collection holdings and specific materials relating to your project proposal, please direct questions to the Archive.