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Migration and Health


From 2014 to 2015 the Khayrallah Center collected death certificates for Lebanese-Americans who passed away between 1900 and 1949. Death certificates are a rich source of social and medical history and constitute the first step in an ongoing unique and pioneering research project to document the impact of migration on the health of the Lebanese-American community. Using this data we collated and analyzed statistical and genealogical information about immigrants.

  • Statistical information such as age, location, and cause of death allow us to examine the impact of migration on the health of individuals and the community. We hope to answer questions about how changes in diet, work, social and physical dislocation, as well as accessibility and relationship to medical care shaped the health of the community.
  • Genealogical information such as name, country residence, and birthplace tell us about immigration patterns and family relationships within this country, as well as the social mobility of the community and its integration into the larger society.

We have visualized our initial findings to make them accessible to the general public, Lebanese-Americans and researchers. In our visualizations we have explored regional variations, occupation and illness, epidemic diseases in the community, among other topics and questions. We hope that you will find this material useful and look forward to your feedback and help in this critical project.