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Project Update

We are full swing into our summer schedule. We are working on our new website set to be released by September 2012. This site will act as a digital library containing all the photographs, documents, documentary clips and oral histories generously contributed by the Lebanese community. Visitors to the website will be able to browse materials as well as contribute additional materials to the site. Stay tuned! The team is also working on the early stages of the museum exhibition set to unveil at the North Carolina Museum of History in 2014. With the help of our capital fundraising campaign, the exhibition will feature three major themes that will illustrate the lives of the Lebanese community to North Carolina from the 1890s-1960s.  We will use artifacts as well as materials also featured on the website.  The basis of the exhibition includes designs created by the NCSU graduate Public History course, Material Culture. Combining historical research and museum theory, the students developed themes, a narrative, educational exercises and schematics for the exhibition space and presented their work using interactive presentation technology.  The project is grateful to the devotion and innovation of the following: Annie Abrams, Trisha Dudkowski, Katherine Ely, Erin Glant, Kate Hensley, Robert James, Marjorie Merod, Jennifer Miller, Kelly Murray, and Cathy Semones. We would also like to thank Dr. Judy Kertesz for her continual support of this project.