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Sep 4, 2023

Arab American Labor – اليد العاملة العربية الأمريكية

The Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies is thrilled to announce the release of a six-part series on the Arab American Labor movement in the early 20th century. The digital exhibit reclaims these hidden stories by outlining their struggle to support their families through racial animosity, economic turmoil, and a quickly evolving industrial landscape.  Developed… 

Mar 25, 2019

Fighting Injustice: The Story of Herbert Nassour

Watch the documentary, Herb Nassour: The People’s Doctor, in English with Spanish or Arabic Subtitles.  Far too often, the complex history of Lebanese immigration is collapsed into a few “success” stories, measured by accumulation of fame and fortune. Such tales are certainly real and admirable, but fall short of telling the whole story of immigration.… 

Nov 15, 2017

Why did they leave? Reasons for early Lebanese migration

This article is authored by Dr. Akram Khater, Director of the Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies and Khayrallah Distinguished Professor of Lebanese Diaspora Studies, and Professor of History at NC State. It is part of a planned series of article that explore the early Lebanese immigrant experience. The first article in this series  focused on who… 

Jul 31, 2012

120 years in North Carolina

For a quick primer on the history of the Lebanese community in North Carolina, check out this video below. It’s also available on our YouTube Channel. Thank you to Danica Cullinan for the video contribution.